Our Company

Our company was formed by animal lovers and parents to many fur children because we wanted to bring to the market products that help strengthen immunity in our pets.  When you contact us, we are the people who will take care of you. We are the ABC Team!

A – Arthur.  Company founder and a minor partner in the house run by six cats and two women.  His favorite hobby is watching movies with "his" cat purring on his chest.

B – Beth. A dedicated animal lover who, together with her husband Gary, is a parent to a dog and a grandparent to her daughter’s cat (both pets live with Beth) while she is expecting a two-legged grandchild.  Beth has been rescuing dogs for many years.

C – Charles, who goes by Rob and shares the house with his girlfriend Jessica and cat Fenris.  Charles has a great voice and sings to his cat, he also plays many instruments.